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The majority of our team was together for the 2015 Nationals. We sought out some new team members and we're back to bring you another fantastic event filled with breathtaking moments, the joy of reconnecting with old friends and the pride of working with the dogs we love.

Event Chairmen

Nationals Chairman

  Peter Kontos /

Agility Secretary

  Harold Baska /

Conformation Secretary

  Wendy Eldredge /

Juniors Secretary

  Terry Dickey /

Obedience Secretary

  Melanie Magamoll /

Rally Secretary

  Kristie Klein /

Nationals Stockdog Course Director

  Rachel Vest /

Finals Stockdog Course Director

  Larry Teaff /

Tracking Secretary

  Darla Huffman /

Versatility Secretary

  Renee Watson /

Points of Contact

ASHGI Raffle

  Susan Winters /

Awards / Rosettes

  Gail Karamalegos /

Banquets / Buffets

  Debbie Robbe /

Catalog / Website

  Renee Watson /

Dock Jumping

  Tammy Hamilton /

Education Seminars

  Pat Pierce /

Entries Clerk

  Terri Morgan /

Golf Carts

  Queen Sales /

Health Clinics

  Kristie Klein /


  Joy Ellis /

  Amy Heinrich /


  Peter Kontos /

Nationals Office Manager

  Mari Jo Sharer /

RV's / Camping

  Jay Blair /


  Robin McNeill /

Stalls / Grooming Spaces

  Debbie Anderson /


  Debbie Anderson /

Welcome / Junior Bags

  Terry Dickey /

ASCA Board Liaison

  Lizette Busquets /

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