Rockin' the South Again

ASHGI Raffle


Our Aussies need your support. 

We will have another amazing raffle during the Nationals again this year. Please consider donating a basket or funds to buy baskets to support medical and genetic research through the Australian Shepherd Genetic

& Health Institute.

Sue Winters is our Raffle Chair and she'll be happy to help you with the donation of your choice.



Here is the list of preshows.... so you all know we have been working to fill them in the last few weeks before we posted the cancellations...

No Secrecy or Conspiracy !!!

We felt we should focus on getting replacement clubs as opposed to focusing on the ones who decided they could not host. Please remember that two of the preshows were ASCA Clubs from Europe and we do not know when our borders will open. As the clubs we have spoken to let us know yes or no, we will share with you all.

Agility - need response from 2 clubs

  Buckeye ASC

Conformation Pre show


Obedience/Rally - need response from 2 clubs


Stock Trial

Working ASC of Georgia


Facebook Page &


You can help us in our planning efforts by taking the surveys we've posted to our Facebook page. 

We've asked questions around events you'll be attending and competing in, which meetings you'd like to attend and how many dogs you'll be competing with at Nationals.



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